3D Realms Anthology: Teleport to your childhood!

3D Realms/Apogee/Interceptor has recently released their huge anthology of 32 games on Steam and they all work completely flawless even better they are all using a pre-setup DOSBox so they should run like a charm on nearly every computer/laptop out there.

As much as these games go it is definitely a pleasure to play these games again without having to find a floppy or cd to play them. It’s much cheaper to buy them on a service like Steam than buying them separately from places like GOG. No more midnight visits to shady sites for a wonky copy of these games just to get your fix.

I can’t really review every single game in this anthology, but this is definitely worth the price if you had these games when you were young. If you haven’t played these yet, but keep hearing your dad complaining that he hasn’t been able to find his Duke Nukem Floppies then definitely introduce him to this.

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