Nintendo Switch Developer Kits will cost you ¥50,000 (USD$500) what does this mean?

At the Game Creators Conference held in Kansai, Japan. Nintendo representatives had announced that the Switch would be even open to indie developers, as the developer kits would only cost ¥50,000 (USD$500). What does this mean for an average consumer? Well just about everyone who is able to afford the cost of the kit would be … Read more

New Nintendo Switch game Seasons of Heaven is running on UE4!

French indie studio AnyArts Productions has announced their Nintendo Switch exclusive Seasons of Heaven, a new adventure game. The Story for Seasons of Heaven is based on a little-known French novel of the same name, which centres on a group of survivors in a post-civilization world. The main star of the game is Yann, a … Read more

Nintendo debuts Switch on Jimmy Fallon!

Unexpectedly Reggie File Aime, and Shigeru Miyamoto debuted both Super Mario Run, and the Nintendo Switch on the Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Some rumors have been debunked, such as the kickstand mode on the switch not allowing charging.

There seems to be a very seemless disconnect on the dock, which is always good to see the build quality for the actual product looks pretty high and it is very nice to see Breath of the Wild running so well. Obviously we can’t tell if it is going any higher than 30, but it does look to be a stable 30 from what can be seen in the video.

We can’t wait to see more of the Switch as the days count down to its reveal.

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch to be using USB-C? 720p to 1080p when using dock? Dark Souls Trilogy coming to Switch?

As we are waiting patiently for Nintendo to reveal more about the Nintendo Switch on January 12th, new information about the system keeps leaking out from very unlikely sources. Today there was a few rumors the first of them being that the Nintendo Switch will house a USB-C charging port. This comes from EB Games … Read more