RUMOR: Nintendo Switch to be using USB-C? 720p to 1080p when using dock? Dark Souls Trilogy coming to Switch?

As we are waiting patiently for Nintendo to reveal more about the Nintendo Switch on January 12th, new information about the system keeps leaking out from very unlikely sources. Today there was a few rumors the first of them being that the Nintendo Switch will house a USB-C charging port. This comes from EB Games … Read more

MW2 and COD4 to be bundled with new Call of Duty?

MW2 and MW to come with COD2016? Rumors are being passed around that this years instalment from Infinity Ward is going to be bundled with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and it’s predecessor Modern Warfare. I’m not shocked that this is being considered by Activision as this will rest assured push much more copies. … Read more