Gamestop opens Games Publishing Division “GameTrust”!

Gamestop has just announced their publishing division Game Trust Gamestop intends to launch/publish five to ten games every year. The new publishing division is more along the lines of 505 Games, and Team 17 acting as a brand name, unlike other companies such as Activision or EA, with developers keeping full rights to their IP and GameStop/GameTrust … Read moreGamestop opens Games Publishing Division “GameTrust”!

Source 2/Unreal 4/Unity 5 all are free to developers.

Well this is no surprise as indie games are more and more prominent in the games industry as of last year. Unreal was the first to announce at GDC 2015 that they were removing the subscription fee from Unreal and letting everyone use it with a royalty charge of 5% after the first $3’000 per quarter. This … Read moreSource 2/Unreal 4/Unity 5 all are free to developers.