Devil’s Dare is a Flashback to your childhood

Devil’s Dare is a Flashback to your childhood

Devil’s Dare is a straight up nostalgia trip, there’s not much more to say, but I can say what is good about this and all the things that they do right in the game. It’s best put in the words of the developers “Devil’s Dare is bloody a smash up parody of everything from the 90s”.

You’ll see things in the game that will remind you of games you had played in your childhood, for example the main menu is close to the Zombie’s Ate My Neighbor main menu, that’s just a few of the things like this you will see in Devil’s Dare.

As soon as you hit start you’ll be put into the shoes of the protagonist and the game feels like Streets of Rage, but there’s not much more say about this game except they’ve tried to put their own spin on it and it sorta works, but it’s a fun beat em up and if you don’t care about the story and like pointless killing then this is the game for you.

I won’t be giving this game a number because I don’t want to lock my reviews down to numbers, I want them to be different.


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