Dying Light The Following Review

Dying Light The Following Review

Undead still roam all over the streets of Harran, now a year after the game’s release Dying Light has never stopped being interesting thanks to a consistent stream of updates from Techland.

Here comes Dying Light’s biggest kick start in replayability thanks to their new DLC The Following, a $20 expansion which doubles the size of the original map, and adds a new high-speed buggy. This expansion isn’t standalone so you’ll still need to get the original game. You also need to be either finished the game or a high enough level to progress into this DLC as the enemies are quite powerful in the Following.

Unlike most expansions where they’d add one new spot to goto and a few extra missions to play on. The Following does things differently.

As your player is still hunting for the cure you hear rumors of people in the outlands who are completely immune to the zombie virus, and you begin explore the massive farmland instead of the streets of Harran. You become heavily reliant on your Buggies to travel across the countryside, ramming undead as you go place to place.

The Following’s buggies might be cumbersome at first, but once you receive your first upgrades the pace of the game changes quickly. The more you upgrade the more outrageous it gets. Mines! Flamethrowers!

Nothing quite beats the rampant carnage of running down zombies with your buggies.

You still run the favours here and there for various people across the farmlands with a few familiar faces coming back. But there is also the fair share of easter eggs and cool little things you can find while roaming the countryside. You’ll begin to use your firearms and a new crossbow much more often because of the big open spaces.

When you feel bored of the main story you can goto to the races and the various cool challenges which are all over the place and call in other online players to race against.

With this DLC Techland promises to support Dying Light with more free updates throughout 2016 and possibly beyond.

It’s also with this review we bring out our own rating system.

Which is from A to F in its own scale. “A” being the best, and “F” being the worst. Ratings will be put on the article image as of right now, till we can get a better system in place to show it.

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