FIFA 15 Released Early on EA Access on the Xbox One

FIFA 15 Released Early on EA Access on the Xbox One

It’s seems like EA is, trying to kickstart early access games on the next-gen consoles through their EA Access subscription.

People who are subscribed to EA Access are allowed to play FIFA 15 for 6 hours and anything done in the “Early Access” version of FIFA is transferred over to the retail version of FIFA.

“You can play all of the trial at once or spread your gaming over several days. Either way, you’ll get regular updates letting you know how much time you have life,” EA wrote on its website.

If you leave the trial in the background on your Xbox One it will still use the allotted 6 hour time. Make sure you quit the game when you’re done with it.

FIFA 15 is being released in North America on the 23rd of Sept, two days later on the  25th in Europe and in the  UK on the 26th. That’s a full week ahead of launch.

EA Access is a new subscription model that, grants users with early access to it’s major releases, also features a growing list of games to play. Some of the games in the subscription are Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, and Peggle 2. This game model is something like the Free PSN Games model you keep the games if you keep playing for your subscription to PSN.

EA wanted the Access model to be on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but Sony rejected the offer by EA.

The game has yet to appear on the US consoles, but EA has responded has said the rollout process has begun, so the content should be on everyones Xbox One soon.

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