Just when you thought Mighty No.9 was done disappointing…

The physical rewards have started popping up online on Twitter, and they aren’t even assembled. As user @isfet shows on twitter it’s just a manual and a cardboard box.

We had assumed there was something up with this one user’s order and there was a problem with it as there was no physical copy of the game present. We went back to their Kickstarter, and it never states that there was a physical copy of the game ever being shipped as a reward. Just the “Box”. As it states below you’ll see it mentions the “Physical Game Box”, but nowhere does it mention that you were to recieve a physical copy of the game as you’d already recieved a digital one. Quite surprising that this was overlooked by so many people donating to the kickstarter. Which leads us to believe that this might have been changed prior to the end of the kickstarter.


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