Onlive Partners with Green Man Gaming

Early this morning game streaming company OnLive partnered with Green Man Gaming to offer the OnLive Games Bundle subscription outside of the service for the people that would rather get it from GMG instead of OnLive (Priced at £8.95/$12.95/€9.99).

Some of the games that the subscription offers are Tropico 4, Red Faction Armageddon, Batman Arkham City, Civ V, Dirt 2, etc. the entire list can be seen here. There is a free 3-day ‘no commitment trial that is also available to GMG customers. Customers will also be allowed to exchange GMG rewards for access to the OnLive services.

One good thing about the service is if you own any of the games in the subscription already you can go and link your steam account and play those games on onlive.

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