Overfall Review

Overfall Review

Overfall is a game developed by Pera Games, an indie studio that reside in Istanbul. It is a Roguelike RPG where two heroes go on a quest to save their lost king.

As you begin your journey into the world of Overfall you are allowed to choose two characters that will make up the people in your party. While there are only 2 classes to choose from the first time around being the warrior and cleric exploring the ingame world will grant you many additional heroes. The game has 9 players characters and 36 combat characters, but you’ll never be able to use more than 2 heroes permanently. As your characters become more popular in the game they will be able to hire 2 more people to com along with them till their adventure is over or if they die. When you do succumb to death don’t be afraid you will keep your unlocks. But you’re gonna have to start over again. Overfall isn’t a stroll through the woods in terms of difficulty as being only limited to 2 people throughout the game will be a bit challenging for beginners. To add to it the game doesn’t really do a good job of explaining the characters.

Are going to spend alot of your time in Overfall sailing oceans to make a name for yourself and earn food weapon shards, and dust the main currencies in the game. Reaching any island or hitting another ship can have a chance of throwing you into a random encounter. There are multiple ways to finish quests in Overfall.

There’s no denying that Overfall a bit rough, but the game is still quite enjoyable. The creative dialogues, well crafted graphics, and almost infinite replay value makes up for any small errors in the game.

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