S.W.A.P. An FPS without Guns

S.W.A.P. An FPS without Guns

S.W.A.P. (Subterfuge Weapons Assessment Program) just came out today and it’s probably the most unique shooter that you’ll see in a while, and it’s built around one thing: It doesn’t have guns.

It has weapons but it’s not what you think you can shoot each other and instead of the weapon harming the person you shot it at. It makes you switch places with the person you shot.

Currently the only mode that the games has is Capture the Flag, where you’re tasked with stealing a computer virus then uploading it to the enemy base. However, a good shot will put you in the possession of the games prized jewel.

The dev (Chaos Theory Games) had this to say to anyone who asked them if they were going to slap a price on the game, “We do not have any plans to monetise S.W.A.P. and are offering it for free, no strings attached,” stated the developers. “We’ve worked hard to make it the best experience possible, and we just want people to enjoy it.” which is something most developers would think twice on doing.

That being said, this version of the game won’t even be paid for but the developer has put up a petition for an enhanced commercial remake. “We’ve worked hard to release a unique and entertaining game, but with enough community support , we’d love to rebuild S.W.A.P. from the ground up through crowdfunded development,” the Chaos Theory team explained. It added that signing up is “purely for voicing your support to begin a crowdfunding campaign, no commitment required.”

S.W.A.P is currently available from the developer’s site and Desura.


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