The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Review (PC)

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Review (PC)

The Witcher 3 starts off with Geralt in a bath in this great training camp, which is the tutorial and soon after you find out that it is actually a nightmare which Geralt is having a lot, besides the point I’m going to keep this review pretty short and simple to understand, the story at most times is not its best, but there are comedic parts every once in a while during main/side quests.

Now on to the combat which is not very rewarding to say the least it seems like everything in the Witcher 3 universe has the upperhand on you at any given time this is ranging from the dogs all the way to the golems. You either get hit or hit them first and depending on how many enemies there are you’ll either lose a little or a lot of your health in the process. Visually it doesn’t look like your hits are actually doing anything to the enemies, and loot coming from enemies is very mediocre at best.

The movement in Witcher 3 is very odd. It feels like I’m driving a car in GTA IV either Geralt is doing what I want him to do or he is off doing his own thing which at most times is not the right thing. I feel more confident riding Geralt’s horse than walking, the horse also doesn’t like to work with you too, but all of these add up and somehow complement the combat system put in place.

The content in Witcher 3 is quite a lot, but the game does have its fair share of fetch quests and there also are quite a few secondary quests which aren’t fetch quests the problem is that the majority of them are found by exploring the countryside.

On a technical side of things Witcher 3 looks amazing I have yet to see my game drop below 70fps, I’m using a i7-4770K, GTX 980, Witcher 3 is on an SSD, for anyone wondering.

Personally I would recommend this to anyone warning them about the weird movement system.


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