Toy’s R Us leaks price for Nintendo Switch?

Toy’s R Us leaks price for Nintendo Switch?

Toy’s R Us might have possibly leaked the price of the Nintendo Switch we do not know if it is a confirmed price point, but this is what most people are speculating the price to be for Nintendo’s new console.

The site has put a suggested MSRP of CA$329.99 for the Switch. If this is the real price it’ll mean that the cost for UK and US will be £200, and $249 respectively. The placeholder for the Switch didn’t say when it would be on shelves.

A 3 minute trailer that was release in October showed many things off such as, Zelda Breath of the Wild, An unannounced Mario game, Skyrim Special Edition, and a whole slew of features.

Unlike the Wii U this is a completely portable system. So you can take this everywhere and play anywhere. The games are all going to be cartridge based like the 3DS. There’s a bunch of other bells and whistles included too, including a built-in kickstand and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Joy-Con controller can behave as a single game controller, slide onto the side of the tablet for a Wii U-like experience or be used independently as a makeshift miniature gamepad. Nintendo will release a Pro controller alongside the console.

Nvidia has confirmed that it will provide the grunt behind the Switch, claiming that Nintendo has opted for a custom Tegra processor to power the 2-in-1 machine.

EDIT: GAME in the UK has also priced their Nintendo Switch consoles at £199.99 further confirming that this is the actual price of the console.

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