Valves VR Performance Test has alot of easter eggs and references to HL3 and L4D3 are there!

You gotta wonder whats going on at Valve HQ. Time after time there has been references to “HL3” and “L4D3” now more references have cropped up in the VR Performance Test. Along with a high quality model of Dog from HL2 with a few design changes.

The SteamVR Performance Test is a simple tool that will tell you if your PC is capable of running VR at a respectable fidelity. Valve released this version a bit too soon leaving a bunch of references, and like the munchkins people are they went at the files looking for any golden nuggets.

The 3D model of Dog is much more complex than previously seen before as the model found has never been in use in any Valve game to date. There is also the full set of textures for a “L4D3” character called “Retired Engineer”. You can see all the details at Valvetime, via SteamDB.

The content has been since removed from the current version of the SteamVR test, and sadly it’s most likely very old content. Probably made around when valve was experimenting with VR and other things.

This isn’t the first time this has happened and honestly it’s not gonna be the last time.

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