Dead Rising 10th Anniversary brings with it the entire franchise to current gen!

Capcom has officially confirmed that there will be a collection for Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 for digital download on September 13th, 2016 across North America. The original Dead Rising will also be coming to Steam as a … Read moreDead Rising 10th Anniversary brings with it the entire franchise to current gen!

Star Wars Battlefront July Patch finally has Offline AI

A feature that seems like it should have been there at launch is finally in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. From the Patch Notes. Play Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron against AI bots together with a friend in online co-op, split screen (console only), or singleplayer. Most of the other things in the patch notes were … Read moreStar Wars Battlefront July Patch finally has Offline AI

Twitch is suing view botters!

Twitch filed a lawsuit against “view, follower, and chat impersonation bots” which are used to fake viewer and follower counts of Twitch streamers. Bot’s have been always frustrating to twitch according to Marketing SVP Matthew DiPietro in his blog post as it has damaging effects to the entire twitch community. These bots are used by broadcasters … Read moreTwitch is suing view botters!

Gamestop opens Games Publishing Division “GameTrust”!

Gamestop has just announced their publishing division Game Trust Gamestop intends to launch/publish five to ten games every year. The new publishing division is more along the lines of 505 Games, and Team 17 acting as a brand name, unlike other companies such as Activision or EA, with developers keeping full rights to their IP and GameStop/GameTrust … Read moreGamestop opens Games Publishing Division “GameTrust”!

GTA Online has made Rockstar Half a Billion Dollars

GTA Online is Rockstar’s Online mode for Grand Theft Auto V, and they offer microtransactions for players who would like to have more money then the average player with their use of Shark Cards. Which have reportedly generated half a billion dollars according to reports from Rockstar. This information is all coming from the recent … Read moreGTA Online has made Rockstar Half a Billion Dollars

Final Fantasy XV being remade for PC?

In an interview Hajime Tabata had with the French Site Jeuxvideo. He was very positive about releasing a PC version of Final Fantasy XV, but it would make the project difficult. Reasons being that having a PC version would propel the game to another technical level. Such as more graphical features, and other things like … Read moreFinal Fantasy XV being remade for PC?

Quantum Break Time Shifting Review

Quantum Break is an exciting game and live action show which will leave you at the edge of your seat all the way through with the stellar line up, including Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce, Aidan Gillen as Paul Serene, Dominic Monaghan as Jack’s brother William, and Lance Reddick as Martin Hatch, the storytelling in Quantum Break … Read moreQuantum Break Time Shifting Review