Celebi is available as a mystery gift from March 1st to the 24th

Celebi is now available as a mystery gift on Pokemon X/Y, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it will run from today the 1st till the 24th. Where it’ll be waiting to get taken over by Jirachi.

The Celebi you receive is level 100, and has the moves: Confusion, Safeguard, Heal Bell, and Recover. You can receive this Pokemon by going to the main menu and going through the Mystery Gift option.

The list below is as follows for the rest of this year, and you can also keep visiting our site and following us on twitter to know exactly when the next pokemon come out.

  • February: Mew (GameStop)
  • March: Celebi (Nintendo Network)
  • April: Jirachi (Nintendo Network)
  • May: Darkrai (GameStop)
  • June: Manaphy (Nintendo Network)
  • July: Shaymin (Nintendo Network)
  • August: Arceus (GameStop)
  • September: Victini (Nintendo Network)
  • October: Keldeo (Nintendo Network)
  • November: Genesect (GameStop)
  • December: Meloetta (Nintendo Network)