Forza 6 and other Xbox titles coming to PC this spring!

Forza Horizon 3 Horizontal Key Art
Screenshot from Forza Motorsport 6: Apex which is coming for free to the Windows Store in the Spring.


Coming from an early article made by the SeattleTimes (original link taken down google mirror) about the recent Xbox & Windows press event this past week.

We get from this article that Microsoft is planning to release “versions” of some major titles on the PC, and are shifting from being only focused on consoles to being focused on both PC and Xbox.

We are 100% committed to the PC-gaming space, that’s a long-term commitment from us.” says Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

This past week there was a media only event held in San Fransisco to show off games which are coming this spring for Xbox and Windows 10. All titles they had shown off also had variants being made for the PC. One of them being “Forza Motorsport 6: Apex”, a slimmed down version of the racer being made by Microsofts own Turn-10 Studios, coming for free to Windows 10 users in the Spring.

The tech behind all of Microsofts goals with the PC isn’t ready yet. Major games featuring crossplay between PC and Xbox users haven’t been completed yet, and a separate project to link the Windows 10 store with the selection of games and apps available on the Xbox One has not been finished. Which sounds to be a competitor to the Steam Store.

The new storefront is another look at their failed effort to get into the online storefront business which was dominated by Steam. Microsoft is trying to add some exclusivity to their store with titles like “Quantum Break” only coming on the Microsoft store instead of on Steam.

Microsoft’s end goal here is for you to be able to resume your game wherever you are no matter the device. We can only hope for great things to come from this event.