GTA Online has made Rockstar Half a Billion Dollars

GTA Online is Rockstar’s Online mode for Grand Theft Auto V, and they offer microtransactions for players who would like to have more money then the average player with their use of Shark Cards. Which have reportedly generated half a billion dollars according to reports from Rockstar.

This information is all coming from the recent lawsuit aganist Take-Two. To make numbers seem more appropriate Halo 5’s Req packs have generated at least $1.5 million dollars.

Back in November of 2015, Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two put out a statement saying that over 8 million people were playing GTA Online every single week. The game has shipped 60 million copies and is said to have made $3 billion dollars in revenue. The single player DLC for GTA V is still being but there is no certainty as the number for GTA Online are quite appealing.

GTA Online has been seeing new modes, items, and cars, being added pretty much monthly as of recent.