Harmonix has launched a Fig campaign to port Rock Band 4 to PC/Steam!

Harmonix has announced today that they are porting Rock Band 4 to the PC only if it gets completely funded on their Fig Campaign.

A few different things will be coming back for this version of the game, one being user generated songs all being done through the Steam Workshop and the Rock Band Network.

This version of the game will contain 65 songs, with 33 additional ones if you back their Fig Campaign. There will be over 1.7K DLC songs, with support for the wireless guitar, drum kit and microphone support.

Harmonix said the cost to develop Rock Band 4 is “already covered,” but it only raising the amount needed to “develop for the PC, which they estimate at $1.5 million, the vast majority of which is development and testing.” After the $1.5M is raised, the remaining $500,000 needed would be covered by Harmonix.