RIP (AXYOS) : Not so experimental game.

RIP according to its description on steam it’s an Experimental MOBA/FPS/WARGAME Game.

” In two words – imagine classic shooter with MOBA mechanics. You can play many different characters, use their skills, items and tactics to win!”

So a class based shooter, and a horrible one at that, I’m not sure who Ayxo Games is but, they need to find the definition of MOBA first. They lie and say that the game is “Multiplayer Ready with MOBA elements,” that’s a complete lie this game isn’t ready it’s in prototype stage. Quite Frankly I’m not sure how this game runs in the first place.

Lets get onto the game itself, I’ve never seen something so broken, you guys have seen games like Sonic 06, this isn’t like that. This worse, the movement is buggy, camera and head bobbing makes it impossible to aim. Some of the sounds have actually been taken off of Battlefield 3. Not sure where any of the MOBA elements are but they aren’t in the game at all.

Also the map that you play on a slightly modified version of Norshar Canals from Battlefield 3 and the objective is apparently to blow shit up, that’s the most that comes across from whatever the game is trying to tell you.

Don’t ever think about wasting your time with this there is no novelty with having this game on your steam profile, this isn’t even worth it for free. I’m not sure how this game even came out on Steam, where’s the quality control Valve? I’ve never been so appalled at a game in my life, I’d rather play E.T on the 2600.

I’m going to give this game a don’t waste your time with this pile of crap.