Scorpio games to look like they are running on an old laptop when played on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio isn’t even out yet, but it’s being marketed as the most powerful console ever, capable of native 4K, and VR support. It’s still a long way off releasing in Holiday 2017, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering if the console’s extra power will be put to good use. If you consider all the games should maintain party across all platforms.

GamingBolt had a chance to speak to Bogdan Iliesiu of Angry Mob Games, currently working on Brawlout, as to whether Scorpio’s power can be put to any meaningful use in the long run. He noted that, “Sure, it’s usually easy to pump up the graphics, to take advantage of the extra processing power. If the games are designed for the Xbox One, they’ll look great on Scorpio.”

However, Iliesiu also mentioned that, “If it’ll be the other way around, and the games will be pushed to the limits to look amazing on the Scorpio first, it’ll probably feel like you are on a old laptop, when playing that game on the Xbox One.” This seems to show that the Scorpio is going to be far out-classing the Xbox One, and probably the PS4 Pro in terms of hardware performance.

The real question is how far developers will be going with all the extra processing power to optimize, and improve their Xbox titles. Maybe true 4K? Only time will tell what we will learn about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.