What the hype train has shown/taught us.

The most noticeable games that were on the hype train were Destiny, Titanfall, and Watch_Dogs. These games had all been brought to extremely high level’s of hype especially Titanfall if there was a meter for hype that the game generated it would be broken.


Reviews for Destiny didn’t really meet the expectations for a lot of people it seems like after all of the reviews have come in the hype for this game made it seem like the game would have gotten 9/10 or 10/10 across the board, except that’s not the thing it’s nowhere near that the user score as of this post is at 6.5/10 with 767 positive reviews and 359 negative reviews. Now on the critic side of things only one negative review but most of the positive ones are around 6-80 and a few of them at 100 but it’s weird because this seemed like the perfect game coming from Bungie everyone thought this was going to be the best game Bungie came out with since Halo. Now seeing the game can barely keep up a 75 on metacritic you can see what’s wrong with the hype, a lot of people bought this game and they expected a masterpiece but what they got was half a a steak.

Titanfall, the game from the ex-Infinity Ward employees was very much the most hyped game of this generation until another game comes along to take it’s throne there was a lot of problems with this game first of all a multiplayer only FPS with no offline single player and there was 15 maps at launch and that for a multiplayer only game that’s not a lot of maps, there is also the problem of the maps being very repetitive and  a lot of these flaws were pushed out of site by all the hype.

Watch_Dogs, the game which is under scrutiny by pretty much everyone for what they had done to the retail version of the game. If you don’t know by now the game had a great E3 reveal it was pretty much perfect and the game looked amazing. The retail version of the game was leaked prior of the game coming out and it wasn’t pretty the game had been significantly downgraded and that was a bad thing because a lot of the reason people wanted the game was because of the graphics and it was pretty at E3 and the retail version destroyed everyones trust in Ubisoft and they came out with a statement saying something along the lines of this “We wanted the game to be bug-free and stable so we took the unstable features out of the game” Then the “TheWorse” mod came out and brought back most of the things that were shown at E3 and that’s what people wanted and the features that were “removed” were right in the game there was even an variable called E3 which was used in the mod.

The point I’m trying to get across is don’t always go into the hype because the game you’re looking at is probably not going to be the same as the one you saw at E3 or it will never meet the expectations you have put for it.