What to expect from TrackMania Turbo

Well you’ve got alot to expect from a trackmania game with its endless replayability coming from the ingame track creator which let people make their own dream tracks ranging from extremely difficult ones to tracks where you only need to press forward.


From the footage that has been going around for the new Trackmania Turbo that is slated to release on the 24th of March only 16 days after Tom Clancy’s The Division is supposed to come out! Some of the advertised features for the game are 2-4 player splitscreen, a special 2 players one car mode, and a huge range of other modes to choose from. This is a game we are most definitely looking forward to as a few of the staff here at Super Joystick have been playing since the first Trackmania and can’t wait to play the latest installment of the game.

You can pre-purchase the game right now on steam for $49.99CDN and $39.99USD.