What’s wrong with this generation of games?

Well for 2014/2013 there has been a fair share of games that haven’t really been up to the standards they have set for themselves. For example, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, Halo Master Chief Collection, Watch_Dogs.

They’ve all disappointed one way or another and the problem is that this shouldn’t be happening when a AAA retail game with a budget of 100 million dollars or a number close to that, is released with many bugs and glitches. They should be close to perfect or close to that, they shouldn’t have matchmaking problems (Long wait times, laggy matches), they shouldn’t be dropping frames close to 30 fps or even 15-20 fps. They shouldn’t have any problems with save games deleting your progress. They shouldn’t be graphically degraded, from their E3 counterparts.

This isn’t right, these games should have more work put into them by the developers, so they don’t release a buggy mess of a game. These games should have the same work put in as the amount of money spent on developing it.

Destiny for example, was very heavily cut down from what was originally planned and that really impacted the opinions of alot of consumers. Now  most people know that it was Activision playing a very heavy hand in this decision from all of the on-disk DLC that is locked away. Assassin’s Creed Unity has obviously been on a very shaky train ride ever since it’s come out with crashing and frame rate problems on all platforms things just not working, etc.

Halo Master Chief Collection, now that has had it’s fair share of problems and that’s alot of them. Singleplayer framerate drops, horrendous multiplayer connection and wait times. Anything that shouldn’t have gone wrong with this game had gone wrong. This is Microsoft’s love child this is what made having an Xbox, but even with the support of  a multi-billion dollar company and they still couldn’t get it right. Which is a bad sign which means it was rushed and that alone shouldn’t be a problem but it is, what is the cause of this you say?


This is all because of greed most of these games were released in November which is the month before December which is the month were the most sales happen. Developers who release in November are rushing there games it seems for christmas time which is a horrible practice to follow if you want to have your game to be a horrible mess.