You can now emulate Ghost of Tsushima on PC, but not in the way you think!

The PS4 emulator called fpPS4 recently got a compatibility list, and it features a quite interesting game on the “playable” list – Ghost of Tsushima…..

Not this one, not yet.

Mini Games.

That’s right – you can now run the fan-made homebrew title Ghost of Tsushima – Mini Games on your personal computer! While it may not be the same as the actual game, it’s still nice to see PlayStation 4 emulators making enough progress to run homebrew titles at playable framerates.

According to, “GoT mini games is a set of 3 simple games set in the samurai world of Ghost of Tsushima. In “Duel”, you’ll have to time your attack right to kill your opponent. “Bamboo” will ask you to press the right combination of keys fast enough to cut through bamboos. In “shoot”, you’ll have to time things right in order to shoot an apple with a bow and arrow.”

This one.

While it’s not the real thing, it’s still good for passing the time until the real thing becomes emulateable. You can get the game from here and the PlayStation 4 emulator here.