Nintendo reassures Switch owners that upgraded models wont be “anytime soon”

Nintendo has reassured fans that they won’t be releasing a Switch Pro, or any upgraded Switch hardware in the future.

During a private Q&A that had followed their financial briefings earlier today. Nintendo had formally stated that they wouldn’t be releasing or seeing any upgraded Switch hardware in the coming 12 months.

Bloomberg reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, who was at the briefing the company is “not planning to make an announcement anytime soon”.

The mention of no announcements anytime soon, and Nintendo stating formally that the next 12 months had no plans for new hardware. This information had been echoed by industry analyst David Gibson who said that Nintendo appeared to be destocking inventory of it’s hardware to ‘record low levels’, which is oddly suspicious to do if they didn’t plan to produce any upgrades to the hardware.

Bloomberg previously reported that Nintendo had asked developers to make their games 4K-ready for an upcoming Switch refresh, which the company promptly declined.

Sounds like Nintendo will most likely break that 12 months hiatus before announcing hardware and push something for this Christmas, as Doug Bowser has stated that the Switch is in it’s “midpoint” of it’s lifecycle.