Fall Guys: Falling Into The Spotlight!

Surprise Hit of the Year

Release Date
August 4, 2020
Available On
Steam, Playstation (Timed-Exclusive)

Fall Guys took the battle royale genre, and flipped it on it’s head turning it from a game of murdering and looting to a number of party games reminiscent of MxR/Takashi’s Castle, and Wipeout. Where you must avoid the various obstacles, and complete objectives to be the last one standing.

Mediatonic executed this formula almost perfectly, resulting in a game that blew up over night with millions of sales, and players across the globe. You and 59 other players must compete against each other across many difficult mini games which could involve you running up a conveyor belt while being shot at with fruit, or stealing another players tail.

Jelly is a silent killer.

Hectic straight from the get go, it’s the perfect combination of being frustrated, and laughing as you dive across the finish line. The pace of each course you go through is hard to gauge some ending in an instant and some being a frantic mess to make it to the end, it’s a good balance of being unpredictable so it doesn’t get tiresome.

Dodging objects, and players will become second nature as you play, predicting the right path forward or even navigating massive seesaws. Fall Guys has the perfect sense of style with it’s cute small bean shaped characters. Other players also being very deadly as you’re able to hold others from making it to the end, and push them into obstacles they might have just passed. Anything goes in Fall Guys, some players out for blood.

You might feel bad pushing another player into a swinging ball, or shoving them off a platform. The goal always being getting you and your friends to victory. As you progress through the rounds each one becoming more intense then the last, as later stages will ensure your disqualification if you fall off.

After a couple of intense rounds the matches ends. You’ve either become a winner or have been thrown back to the main menu to start your journey to victory again, and I was more ready to go again.

Not all the minigames are perfect. The team games being a weak point across the board as they break up the quick paced matches, but it’s definitely easy to over look these flaws when you’re having fun. Down the line Mediatonic will hopefully have setup solo playlists or a dedicated mode for teams.

Fall Guys carries on the tradition of seasonal passes which they’ve made free for what seems to be the foreseeable future. Each level can grant new cosmetics, currency, color schemes and dances. Some of the nicest skins so far seem to be locked behind crowns which are the currency you receive when you win a match.

As each season progress it looks like they want to push updates in the same vain as how Fortnite changes their game up with each new seasons, and hopefully Fall Guys accomplishes the same with new minigames, modes, and mechanics to use as you play.

Currently it has a lot of potential as long as they don’t mess with the core gameplay, there’s still polish that needs to be added as things like the spectator mode is very basic and there is no way to watch friends while you’re in the lobby. If they continue to flesh out the game like they’ve been doing then this game will become a classic and a household name if it’s not already one by now.

Fall Guys: Falling Into The Spotlight!
Fall Guys is an absolute delight. It feels like a natural evolution of the battle royale genre that abandons the expectation of violence and exchanges it for a bright, colourful multiplayer experience that sinks its hooks in and refuses to let go. Fall Guys is an the perfect example of taking a genre that feels like it has been milked to death but turning it on it's head, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. It's an experience that no other game offers, and will keep you playing from the second you pick it up.
Extremely well executed
Fun with friends, and fun alone.
No skill barrier
Potential for hundreds of game modes with more updates.
Spectating isn't too great
Team games are extremely hit and miss, and not well balanced.