John Wick Writer Creating Splinter Cell Anime for Netflix

Looks like Ubisoft has another Tom Clancy going to netflix besides The Division.

John Wick writer, Derek Kolstad who penned the John Wick franchise is going to be serving as then executive producer, and writer for this anime series. According to a report from Variety. The series is going to receive a two seasons, 16 episode order on Netflix.

Netflix, and Ubisoft declined to comment on any specifics of this deal neither to us or Variety.

This is not the first time Ubisoft has put out one of their franchises to the big screen with Assassins Creed in 2016. Fans have been asking for a new Splinter Cell game, but have been continuously disappointed at what has been presented by Ubisoft.

Each time Sam Fishers, name has been brought to the spotlight it has been through side missions, cameos, and people are continuing to show their support for a new Splinter Cell but Ubisoft has said it wanted to come back big.

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