Star Wars Battlefront III apparently has been leaked for the 360

Well it has finally happened. This is something I never thought would happen in a million years as I’ve only heard of the game being very valuable. Star Wars Battlefront III was leaked onto the 4chan /v/ board by an anonymous user going by the name ProtoF****t. He posted links of the 360 build to reddit, and 4chan’s /v/ board.

The legitimacy of this leak has yet to be confirmed, but people are saying that this is the highly sought after copy of the game. People have started posting pictures of Battlefront III, we have managed to get a few of those pictures they are posted below. You do also need a modded xbox to even play the leaked copy. Here’s a link to the thread with the downloads on it.

There will only be more leaks of gameplay to come after this, how far this build was in the development cycle is hard to tell.



An anonymous user posted these videos of the game booting up, and playing on his modded 360.